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Worker's Compensation

Worker’s compensation protects employees by granting set financial compensation amounts for injuries sustained while working. Certain worker’s compensation laws are also designed to protect employers by limiting the amount of compensation that can be attained by employees who have been injured. Worker’s compensation laws often protect fellow co-workers of the injured by eliminating liability. In most cases, State statutes determine these laws. The exception being federal employees or those employed in interstate commerce.

Worker’s compensation laws have been designed to circumvent standard personal injury litigation for work related injuries. This alleviates risk to both employees and employers. Without predetermined worker’s compensation system employees who have sustained an injury while at work would have to file a lawsuit and prove the responsibility of the employer. As with any court case, there is the possibility that the employee could lose without compensation. Worker’s compensation can ensure that employees who have sustained injuries can receive compensation. It can also ensure that employers do not pay more than a predetermined amount of monetary compensation for employees who have been hurt or killed, even if they have acted with negligence.  

Have you suffered an injury at work?  Are you receiving the medical care you need? Have you been receiving compensation for lost wages? When it comes to workers’ compensation, many employers will try to hide the best benefits you’re able to receive.

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