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Injured On the Job? Who Pays the Medical Bills?

According to the Ohio Department of Labor, approximately 80,000 are injured on the job each year in Ohio.  Ohio’s Workers’ Compensation laws entitle you to receive medical expenses and lost wages when you suffer a work-related injury.

To receive Workers’ Compensation benefits, you must inform your employer:

a) that you were injured while working
b) the exact date of the injury
c) the location of injury

What Injuries are covered by the Workers’ Compensation Act?  In simplest terms, if your work causes you an injury, irritates an existing medical or physical condition or causes an illness, the law entitles you to Workers’ Compensation.

A physical or medical condition that already exists (e.g., a heart condition, diabetes or even a high school sports injury) does not affect your eligibility for benefits.  For example, a man who has a problem with his right knee because of a football injury is eligible for Workers’ Compensation if the job makes his knee problem worse.

Employers who deny you Workers’ Compensation because of a existing condition do not know the law or are not telling you the truth.

Don’t try to handle your Workers’ Comp. claim yourself.  Let our team of experienced attorneys help you collect medical expenses, lost wages and determine future compensation.

by Attorney Ronald Slipski

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