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The Fair Labor Standard Act (FLSA) establishes minimum wage and overtime laws that apply to most employers and employees. Many states, including Ohio, also have laws governing minimum wages, overtime, prompt payment and payroll deductions.

Unfortunately, wage and hour violations are rampant in today’s workplaces. Studies have shown staggering numbers of violations across a broad scope of occupations, including construction, retail, restaurant and food service, information technology, healthcare, and other settings. Whether due to legal mistakes or flat-out wage theft, these violations cost workers across the country billions of dollars annually and expose noncomplying employers to liability for unpaid wages, damages, and attorney fees.


  • Improperly classifying an employee as an independent contractor.
  • Improperly applying overtime exemptions.
  • Failing to pay for all hours worked, including “off the clock” work, “unauthorized” overtime, working meal periods, and travel between work sites.
  • Improperly calculating overtime pay or failing to include all required compensation in determining overtime rates.
  • Making improper pay deductions.
  • Forcing employees to bear work expenses which reduces their income below minimum wage.
  • Not paying on time or withholding pay.

The FLSA allows employees to sue for unpaid wages, liquidated damages in an equal amount, and attorney fees. Ohio minimum wage law permits employees to sue for triple damages and attorney fees. Employers cannot force employees to waive these rights and cannot discriminate against employees who make wage and hour claims.

Green Haines Sgambati Co., LPA. has handled hundreds of wage and hour claims, from individual claims to collective actions for hundreds of employees. If you believe your wage rights have been violated, call us. There is no charge for an initial consultation regarding your minimum wage or overtime claim.

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