Dog Bites

18 April 2022
Emily Bush

Picture this: you and your friends are outside in your friend’s backyard, enjoying a bonfire on one of the first warm spring evenings of the year. While enjoying a relaxing time with your friends, the neighbor’s dog leaves their owner’s yard, runs towards you, and viciously bites your calf and ankle. As a result of this, you have to be transported by ambulance to the emergency room where you receive multiple stitches and an order from the doctor to stay off of your leg for a period of time until you are healed. Who is responsible for your medical bills and the wages you are going to lose out on from not working? What about the scarring that will remain on your calf and ankle?

Is your friend – the property owner of where the attack occurred – or is the owner of the dog liable? In the state of Ohio, the owner of the dog can be held liable under Ohio Revised Code 955.28. The “owner, keeper, or harborer” of a dog is liable for injury, death, and/or property damages so long as the victim of the attack was not criminally trespassing, not committing another criminal offense, and/or was not teasing/tormenting/abusing the dog at the time of the incident.

If we change the facts a little and add the fact that your friend was dog sitting for the dog at the time of the attack, then your friend could be considered the keeper or harborer of the dog.

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