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Take a Second Look at Your Old Workers’ Comp Claim

An experienced attorney may be able to get you additional compensation.

Most people pursue Ohio Workers’ Compensation claims without the benefit of legal representation.

In some cases, this can be a costly mistake.  The injured worker accepts the compensation offered by the state and walks away, not realizing that there may be additional compensation available to him or her.

The State of Ohio is barred by law from bringing these forms of additional compensation to the attention of the individual submitting a Workers’ Compensation claim — the applicant must ask about them.  But he or she is usually unaware of this option.

An attorney experienced in Workers’ Compensation claims knows all the right questions to ask.  And the good news is, these questions can be asked even in the case of a previous claim.

If you filed a Workers’ Compensation claim within the past few years, you may have additional funds available to you through the state’s Permanent Partial Disability program.

An experienced Workers’ Compensation attorney from Green Haines Sgambati can review your case and determine whether these additional funds can be pursued on your behalf.

by Atty. Shawn Scharf

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