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Worker’s Compensation Victory

Green Haines Sgambati & Shawn D. Scharf secure victory for injured worker in Ohio Supreme Court. In the case of State ex rel. Omni Manor, Inc. v. Indus. Comm., 2020-Ohio-4422, Green Haines Sgambati & Shawn D. Scharf preserved an injured worker’s right to obtain a reverse total shoulder arthoplasty procedure under her existing Ohio Worker’s Compensation claim. This surgical procedure had been approved through the hearing process at the Industrial Commission of Ohio. However, the employer continued to contest the appropriateness of this surgery through proceedings at the Tenth District Court of Appeals and the Ohio Supreme Court. Ultimately, the high court issued its decision on September 16, 2020 upholding the injured worker’s rights.

The Law Firm of Green Haines Sgambati fights for its clients not only at the administrative process but also throughout the court system up to the highest court in the state. In the event you have been injured at work and need assistance in obtaining the benefits you deserve, please contact our office for a free consultation.